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The apple doesnt fall far from the tree

Before Katee Lee of Moeraes Fate, there was Nick Lee her brother.

Nick Lee continously challenges himself with developing his musicianship beyond the boundaries.

Nick has been playing guitar since 7 and composing since 10. He has compose full scores to soundtrack pieces to hard rockin progressive pieces.

Former lead guitarist/composer of The Nick Lee Band and Dali Circus, Nick has been writing his next long awaited full length cd. Nick himself will be playing all instruments and virsatility is commendable.

Nick has also been compared to Danny Carey of Tool when he perches himself behind any of his many drumkits. A site to behold, watching him play is like watching a classical trained dancer.


We will be posting some of his older stuff (ages 13-18)

And some teasers of his new tunes coming up.

Blood is thicker than water, and between Nick and Katee, it runs deep.


Chris Cornell, Tool, Pink Floyd, Muse, Vai



TEASER - 62409 - Nick Lee

TEASER - 62409 - Nick Lee

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