About Motorpunx

Bay Area based Motorpunx is a frosty brew of rockabilly, psychobilly, punk, surf, and blues that'll crush your jaw.  We're a heavy groove-oriented sound of wrenching molten tred.

The full length CD, "This and That," is available at an economy-friendly price, as well as shirts, stickers, and buttons! 

The Motorpunx features Gabe Gossack on guitar, Justin Sane Illges on drums, Ron Fulton on the bass, and Martin Roberson on lead vocals and harmonica. They are all veterans of various well-known bands such as The Defiant Ones, The Forgotten, The Blanks, Bad Neighbor, Hummer and Hectic Sausage — all of which are West Coast favorites.

The lead singer, Martin is the proprietor of Lucky Stars tattoo shop and much of our kick-**** swag can be purchased there along with some incredible ink!

Stay-tuned for our 2011 schedule.





album: Untitled EP

genre: Punk Rock

streams: 53

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