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Slaves of Suburbia 

Coming Fall 2009!!

MAY 10-2009.......Hey there!! ...The writing is going well.....almost ready to "JAM THEM OUT". Recording everything at home, for now, is hard. These days I have been looking forward to field trips, homework, Grandaughter...(yikes), and just family stuff, so my time to prepare is very limited. The songs have titles, finally, and the lyrics are dark and somewhat personal.

Shadows on the Sun....My Scars....Four Walls....

More to come!!

 Feb16-2008........Hey there!! ...New stuff right out of my living room. Slaves of Suburbia is STARTING TO COME TOGETHER!! Take a listen to the ruff mix...( I mean really ruff mix ) click on the music tab. Dont take it too serious ...its just a jam!!

See ya!!





Former Ded Neyber Lead Guitarist Mike Gentry is currently working on a new project scheduled for release in the fall of 2009. "It's been a slow process of sorting through various material gathered over the years to put emphasys on what I am feeling at this point in time' says the former Guitar player, and has high expectations for the outcome. "The material is "a left turn' from previous endeavors, and has faith that this will be a project worth the wait. Heavy , Melodic, and Blistering.

Keep the Faith!





Strapping Young Lad, Devin Townsend,Filter,UFO,Megadeth,Slayer, NWOBHM!!