Things and Stuff
Justin Stokes
Monday November 5 2007, 4:00 PM
Things and Stuff


Bands W/ us @ shows : HTD 91-94: The Brownies, NEOSORESKIN, Willys Conception, Stoners with boners, Hoodlum Empire, The clockwork group, SALMON, Barking spiders, CAFE OF REGRET, VOO DOO GLOW SKULLS, Janitors against apartheid, The pacers, Clubber lang, DEFTONES, Alley boys, Fungo Mungo, East side indians, Granite path, Drug, 187 Calm, Goddog, Mystic rage, White Zombie record release party (he never showed, go figure), Ibiza, Undermine,

Friction 05-06: Modern ruinz, Forefits, Atomic mint, My monster, S.A.D.F.I.S.H., Desperate move, High road, Twist of cain, Manchester school, Rezn, Europa, Saberteeth, Pettibone, Mercury, INSOLENCE, Language arts crew, Phoenix rising,

Live the day 05: Millenium day, 70's/80s/90s, Conversation suicide, Beaux dom's,

Crackpot Crouch 93-94: Riots of boredom, Brown trout, Cotton Mouth, Flat Planet, Smooth brown hound, Jack the lad,Napoleon solo, O.T.B.,

The daring few 05: The jons, ten percenters, Radio Vago, Diamonds under fire, Green Ready 04-05: 115 Down, Eulogy,



Bands I have been in:

Howse Tomato Down (H T D) (orig) yrs, Band broke up    Crackpot Crouch (orig) yr, left band    NUG (orig) wks left band   Flat Planet (Ska) yr left band    Red Devlin and the Tormentors (ska) yr Band Broke Up W/ Mike Mattingly from Skankin Pickle    Full Throttle (70's style cover band) yrs moved/tucson    Crankcase (90's style cover band) yr Disbanded   Live the day (70's style orig.) wks moved/CA   Infinithity (orig) wks moved/CA   The Daring Few (Ska /Punk) mo's Temp. fill in gig    Green Ready (U2 style orig. band) yr band broke up   FRICTION (orig) mo's band broke up    F.O.E (Friends Of Enemies) (orig) 1yr Broke Up   Shrink Circus- (orig) disbanded  Eric Horton project n/a