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Full Time Lover (live)

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Black Diamond (live)

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Bad Case of Love (live)

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Sweet Sunday at the Poor House Bistro

Sunday May 21 2017, 2:30 PM • 91 S Autumn St, San Jose, CA 95110
We're very excited to be heading back to the Poor House Bistro in San Jose on a perfect Sunday afternoon.  The Poor House now has a full bar and...
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Saturday Night @ Little Lou's in Campbell!!!!!

Saturday January 30 2016, 7:30 PM • 2455 Winchester Blvd, Campbell, CA 95008
We will be bringing the Blue, the Boogie, the Jump and the Swing to Little Lou's BBQ in Campbell on a Saturday Night, January 30, 2016!!! This...
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@justin-sane-illges commented on @hummer's audio
9 years ago

Red, my eyes are sympathizing

Without my realizing I took much all at once.

True, as you there was no warning - the sky begins its pouring

I grabbed the dog after its' grunt

Oh, what a first rush.

Mellow down to uneasy slumber, for sanity, take a number

I see no ending in sight.

Cancel all negotiations, I've got no obligations, I'll sit an glow through the night. 

Oh what a first rush!

What a first rush - you know, I thought I took too much

Still got control, I guess I'm still whole.

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@justin-sane-illges commented on @hectic-sausage's audio
9 years ago

Days gone by, I wonder where I've been to

Days to come, I wonder what I'll see

I just cannot recall the things that used to mean the world

Another slug from my jug is all there is for me...

Soft are my bones, although, I'm not that old.

Had a loving family, so I've been told

I've tried to quit more than I care to think

Every time that I'm on that road it seems I need another drink...

So it seems in my happy hour.

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