Al Cantey (bass) has been tearing-up the electric and upright bass for over 30 years, spending much of the 90s playing with King Swing and the Boogiemen. He's released albums with The West Coast Rollers, the T-Town Aces and has played with many power names such as Jimmy Dewrance, Paul Durkett, Billy Davis, Gil De Leon and of course, Jim Illges. As Al says, "Number one - you have got to shake ass, all else follows.

Justin "Sane" Illges is the new comer to the blues scene. Having grown-up watching the blues bands of his brother (including drumming great, Jimi Bott), Justin played with local rock/metal band Bad Neighbor in the 90's. In the last decade he's played/recorded with rock band Shrink Circus. Having passion for other genres he played with punk-Pbilly band Motorpunx until switching over to the styles of blues, boogie and swing, landing as the backbeat to JR & the Night Prowlers.

Mark Giovanetti - In 1976, a fifteen year old Mark and two friends saw their first live show at the Circle Star Theater in San Carlos, California. On the bill that night was Johnny ‘Guitar’ Watson, Bobby ‘Blue’ Bland and B.B, King. Fueled by a few bourbon-and-waters provided by the ladies in the row behind, it was a magical night. Already an aspiring guitar player, his playing was forever shaped by these ‘new’ heroes. Fast forward some 14 years, he meets Jim Illges in a garage somewhere in Sunnyvale and a partnership was born that lasts to this day. Mark fronted the swing band Tom Hammer and The Tools for a few years in the early 2000’s but soon returned to his musical family to do what he does best…back-up a great harp player.