Joe Rose and the Howlers

About Joe Rose and the Howlers

We are a band out of the Mother Load area of Central California. Playing a mixture of blues, swing, country, be bop, r&b, rock and roll and rockabilly. Something we like to call West Coast Rebop.

We have been together now for just about a year, with our newest member being Bruce Langston on Guitar. John and myself (Joe Rose) have been playing together in the San Francisco bay area before we moved up here for 40 years or so off and on.

We are currently comrprised of four members.

Joe Rose: Guitars and vocals

John Halliwell: Bassist

Jeff Logoteta (Myteo) : Percussion

Bruce Langston: Guitar

For Booking info call: 209-505-1968




Pink Thunderbird

Pink Thunderbird

album: 3 man 4tet

genre: Rockabilly

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02/17/16 09:47:05AM @eric-horton:

This ROCKS!!  Very nice. Love  your tone, and very tight playing.  Just shared on my Facebook wall.  Eric Horton on Facebook

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