About Hummer

We came together, four friends more brothers. We practiced, lived in the mountain crevices of Santa Cruz, in what was once 'Santa's Villiage. The leaking shanty of a studio provided sight and sound, smiles and good music. We rocked it hard for as long as it lasted.


SRV, Alice in Chains, RHCP, Mountain Air and herbalize.



First Rush

First Rush

album: Hummer

genre: Hard Rock

streams: 51

09/28/15 10:25:09AM @justin-sane-illges:

Red, my eyes are sympathizing

Without my realizing I took much all at once.

True, as you there was no warning - the sky begins its pouring

I grabbed the dog after its' grunt

Oh, what a first rush.

Mellow down to uneasy slumber, for sanity, take a number

I see no ending in sight.

Cancel all negotiations, I've got no obligations, I'll sit an glow through the night. 

Oh what a first rush!

What a first rush - you know, I thought I took too much

Still got control, I guess I'm still whole.

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