Guided Tour

About Guided Tour

Scotty Smith wishes to thank: Sheila Smith, Kelli Smith, Jeremy Smith, Kyle Bowers, Patrick
Moore(Sorry I forgot you on the last 3 records Pat), The Band in all it's forms, Don Bosco, Chris
Beveridge, Robert Berry, Robin Cortez. Woof to Reacher. Daryl – It was a pleasure and an
honor to make your record.

Steve Duerson wishes to thank: Donavan(my Godson) and his wife Vivian, my Mom and Dad, Terry Fisher, Jo Ann Carvalho, Pam Gallagher, Steve Bruce, Diane Philby, Russ and Sue Gotfried, Jeff Werner, Bruce and Carla.

Kenneth Hooper: I want to thank the Creator for my life and for putting music in it. Thank you Kari for supporting me in all of my musical endeavors and in daily life. I would not be where I am now without you. Thank you to my fellow band mates who have helped me to continue becoming a better musician and for the unconditional friendship.

Todd Zimmerman wishes to thank: My Creator and spirit helpers for their constant support and inspiration, to my ancestors for the natural rhythms flowing in my body, Rosie my loving partner for much needed support and encouragement , Daryl Lowery for 47 years of friendship and infectious passion, Teri Westra for being a spiritual warrior, Kenneth Hooper and Kari Knapstad for moving back to the Bay Area and catalyzing the emergence of our group, Steve, Russ, Scotty and David for your amazing talent and beautiful hearts.

Teri Ellen Westra: Thank you to my family/friends/community who have held the light when I
needed it most. You know who you are.

Daryl Lowery wishes to thank: My Teri, David Lowery, Dixon, Shanna, Cody, Grace and Faith Greer, LindaLowery, Eddie Bohlman, Lauren Kates, Jeff Werner, Sean Immler, Norbeth Granado, Bob Vawter, Mark Takata, Rick Burkhard, Todd and my bandmates, Scott and Kyle Thank you!