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About Friction Land

Friction Land is a rock band from San Jose, California.

The lineup includes guitarist/songwriter Mark

Tyrrell, drummer Justin Stokes, Johnny Abreu on

vocals/electronics, and bassist Jayme Sanchez.

Brought together by a mutual friend, Friction Land

first met up to jam in spring of 2010. That first night

they wrote the beginning of what would become the

song ‘Giving it All Away’. Based on that, they decided

to continue and officially formed as a band. Since then

they have been working on new, original songs, with

Mark as the main songwriter, expounding on

philosophy, relationships, and other drama associated

with being alive in the 21st century. Rather than

focusing on playing gigs, they decided to work solely

on their debut album, to be released in January 2012.

From there they plan on gigging locally and along the

west coast, promoting their self-titled album as well

as working on their 2nd effort.





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