Open Letter to the Lakeside School Board
Eric Horton
Thursday May 12 2016, 6:30 PM
Open Letter to the Lakeside School Board

Dear Board Members,

I am submitting this letter in lieu of public comment for the next Board Meeting, and would appreciate having it entered into the records/minutes.

The purpose of this letter is to publicly state my sincere respect and admiration for the faculty of Lakeside School.  Through a very tumultuous year, they have shown a level of professionalism and heart that has been inspiring.  I cannot image being the position the staff of Lakeside has been in, and still maintain such decorum and care for the school, the community, and even more importantly, our children.   Through the debacle with our former Principal/Superintendent, to the uncertainty our little district has been facing, the Lakeside faculty has been rock solid, and they deserve recognition for that.

My son has been in Marcia Williams’ 1st grade class this year.  When I listen to him read, I am amazed.  When I see how much he has grown emotionally, as well as intellectually, I know who to thank.  Marcia is a top notch educator and mentor, and I cannot sing her praises enough.  She is truly a pro, and her experience is obvious to even a casual observer.  I am grateful my son had the privilege to be in her class.


I would also like to take this opportunity to reiterate my support for Dr. Gonzales.  The change in the atmosphere on campus is clear, and I think that is due in no small part to Dr. G’s work.  She has demonstrated a level of professionalism and drive as a leader that is refreshing, and I hope to see a future at Lakeside that includes her.

Thank you for taking the time out of your busy agenda to acknowledge these outstanding people.



Eric Horton
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