Eric Horton
Eric Horton

Community Divided

user image 2016-03-04
By: EricHorton
Posted in: Lakeside Community
Community Divided

Our school is facing an existential crisis.  

Lakeside will be gone in 2 years if we don't pass a parcel tax in our area.  Parents are understandably upset that their children might not be able to go to CT English for Middle School.

If the parcel tax doesn't pass, my son won't be able to go to LAKESIDE. The school that his Grandpa went to.  That his Uncle went to. The school that his FATHER, his father's godmother, his father's cousins went to.  The school that my son's cousins went to. In addition, he won't be able to go to CT English for middle school.  

My heart is breaking as I consider all of this...Meanwhile, I'm going to look for other solutions to the problem, and engage with others who are as well...

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