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Eric Horton

Wait...NOW you want to "just get along"?!

user image 2016-11-09
By: EricHorton
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Wait...NOW you want to "just get along"?!

I think I've done a pretty good job of not labeling the people in my life. Actually, I have fought back against the "libtards, republicants" labels from both sides. I have watched people that I care about use ethnic slurs to and say truly horrible things about our current president, things like "Kenyan","Sambo", "Nig**r".

I am intrigued and fascinated that most of those same people have such incredibly conciliatory tones in their posts on social media today.  It's incredible! Amazing! For eight years I have watched people I love and care about spew the most vile and hateful vitriol about Obama, and have tried to be understanding - hell, he made me pretty angry with many of his decisions! Now, these same people are telling me not to do as they have done for the last 8 years!  I see them pleading with their friends and family on social media to stop the bile and vicious language in the aftermath of Trump's victory.  I see them calling for unity and healing and an end to the division. Really?  Really.

Okay. I will not ignore the history of what our President Elect has done and said, but he is, for better or worse, the next POTUS. I respect the office, and hope he will be successful in lifting our country. Unlike many of the people who seemed to wish for Obama to fail, I understand that when the President fails, we all lose. Like we have for 6 years with the Republican Congress effectively blocking any movement forward. ANY. MOVEMENT. FORWARD.

So, the Republican Party has a super majority and the President. I'm expecting to see some major improvements, from all of the talk I have heard. Conservatives, this is your opportunity to show us what it was supposed to be like, and if it fails, it lays squarely, 100% on the shoulders of the Republican Party.

If it succeeds, I'll cheer, because God we need some relief.  But if it fails, I won't assign awful qualities to my friends, but I hope they won't condemn me for screaming from the rooftops.

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