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Welcome to DigNit!

By admin, 2006-10-27

Welcome to DigNit! Are you Diggin' it?

Expect only the HIGHEST quality production of original content to be visible in our charts!

DigNit.com is all about providing an outlet for the musician, film-maker, artist, poet, author...anyone with artistic vision who insists on raising the bar beyond the usual muddle that pervades the internet.  We believe it is not enough to sit in front of your webcam and video yourself with bad lighting, bad sound, and no effort in production.  We believe it is not enough to record yourself on your iPodTM, with 1 mic in the bathroom.  We believe that writing the song or video is just the beginning of your creative journey...producing it to the highest possible standard, pushing your limits to what you can accomplish as an artist...THAT is what we are interested in seeing.

Sign Up Now and show us what you've got. Basic DigNit websites are free, upgrades to pay sites are available for artists if you want customized DigNit sites with all of the features.

People who appreciate high-quality, original entertainment,
Sign Up too, and become part of the next generation of the online evolution. You'll get your own DigNit website, radio and video station, photo gallery, guestbook, blog, and the coolest thing of all - you'll be Diggin' It.


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