Random Thoughts
Ded Neyber
Wednesday April 23 2008, 5:00 PM

Blog... that is a funny word to say. Blog... see. Say it! BLOG. hahaha


How the hell is Tina Fey's character on 30 Rock an unlovable dork?!? She's way too hot to be unlovable. A dork I can believe, but she's just too hot not to hook up!


And what's up with that Kaiser Permanente Hospital commercial? I have cancer, cancer doesn't have me bullshit! Radiation never looked so sexy.


And what's the deal with the fuckin' Irish? Can't they get a job outside of the fire department?!?


Row boats? Who fuckin' owns a row boat? What is a row boat?


What ever happened to Puka shells? I liked Puka shells! Is the Puka no longer with us? What the fuck is a Puka anyway?


And what ever happened to the Ray Gun? Why do we not have Ray Guns? I want a Ray Gun dammit!


Orphanages, do they really exist? Have you or anyone you know ever met an orphan? "Hi I'm Bob,I'm a orphan." It never fuckin' happens!


And what's with this jerk off generation? These shit cocks think that everything in the world is their's for free. With the free downloading of music and stealing beer and hot dogs! The next time you buy a hot dog, punch a 20-something kid in the face.


And what happened to the van! Remember "if this vans a rockin' don't come a knockin"? Now it's all about shuttling kids and soccer shit!
How did the van go from a fuck machine to a kid friendly happy place?