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Alicia Stead
Monday June 14 2010, 5:00 PM
Ali Stead Guitarist


I am a Professional Musician seeking session work and looking for the right people and the right chemistry to put together a band. I am the former lead guitarist for the acclaimed power trio Moeraes Fate. In that band I gained valuable experience touring, performing, writing, and recording.

I play acoustic and electric guitar, focusing on classic rock, blues, hard rock, and folk rock. My main instruments are a Carparelli S4 that was personally modified for me by luthier Mike Carparelli, a Gibson Les Paul Classic, and a PRS Trementi SE. On the acoustic side, I play a gorgeous sounding Takemine six-string. I also sing and play harmonica, keyboard, and piano.
My versatility as a musician and a writer enables me to bring a lot to the table in both live and studio sessions. I am an extremely proficient guitar player with a great passion for music. I am interested in trying many new musical directions. I can work independently or collaboratively, and I have the drive to make things happen and get things done.

In 2009 Dean Markley approached me to not only endorse his strings, but to beta-test his new line of HD Helix strings, and, not long after that, I was approached by Mike Carparelli to endorse his new line of S4 guitars! I am very honoured to represent both these major music companies.

Some of the high points of my career so far include:

• Opening for Styx and Glass Tiger on New Years eve 2009/2010 and later joining Glass Tiger onstage to back up their encore hit "Don't forget me when I'm Gone".
• Recording, releasing, and touring Moeraes Fates all original EP, "Making of the New Me"
• Recording as a session player on Grainne Ryan's soon to be released 3rd album, produced by Moe Berg (Pursuit of Happiness).
• Winning The 2009 Next Cutting Edge Artist contest
• Winning the 2009 YouDiscover Contest 
I first picked up the guitar at the age of 12. I totally connected with this instrument, and taught myself to play by ear. At 13 I started gigging at bars, fairs, local events, and parties, singing and playing acoustic. At 14 I began formal training because I knew that studying guitar would enable me to refine my abilities and get where I want to go. At the same time, I began to teach privately and also joined my first band. Continuing my interest in teaching, I worked at my local high school teaching basic note reading and musical theory.
My first big break came in 2008 when, at 16, I became the lead guitarist for Dame, an all female power trio featuring Katee Lee on bass and vocals and Kayla Faye on drums. We changed the name of the band in 2009 to Moeraes Fate because we felt we needed a name that better represented who we were and where we wanted to go.
With extensive gigging, and the release of our debut EP "Making of the New Me", Moeraes Fate quickly rose to become a very popular multi-award winning southern Ontario club band. Together we were awarded:
• 2010 Toronto Independent Music Awards semi-finalists
• 2009 Image FM Album of The Year
• KIAC Best of 2009 - 1st place Genre: Rock
• 2009 Durham Music Society Band Of The Year
• 2009 YouDiscover Concert Series Band Of The Year
• 2009 Ontario’s Next Cutting Edge Artist
• 2009 Brampton Arts Acclaim Award
• 2009 Metalwork’s Recording Award

Our biggest show was in front of 30,000 screaming music fans and partiers on New Years Eve 2009/2010 in Niagara Falls, opening for Glass Tiger and Styx. Afterwards I joined Glass Tiger on stage in front of a crowd that had swelled to 55,000 to back up their encore. The show was broadcast live across the country.

It was a sad day when Moeraes Fate announced that the band was not going to continue due to conflicting family obligations among the members. There was a huge outpouring of shock from our fans on the official Moeraes Fate MySpace and Facebook pages.

I continue to do session work, both on stage and in the studio, and I am looking for a special group of musicians to form a new band!


Moeraes Fate - Making of the New Me (6 song EP): lead guitar, rhythm guitar, backing vocals, keyboard, co-writer.

Grainne Ryan - TBA (produced by Moe Berg): lead guitar on selected tracks

I am playing on two other albums by two different artists--details coming soon! 

Carparelli Guitars
Dean Markley Strings


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