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The Truth behind Lavender is a complex tale of conflicting identities and morals, wrought of ancient lies exposed by truth.  An intricate weave of hardship and survival, love and betrayal, it is a story of friendship between two races facing a torrent of devastation in an ultimate showdown between all that strives to be good and an obscene, ravenous evil. 

This saga is encompassed in four novels; Vol. 1 – The Forgotten Prince; Vol. 2 – The Forgotten Kingdom; Vol. 3 – The Forgotten Truth; and Vol. 4 – The Forgotten King.   

Welcome to the world of Vandor, a world of wild, tentative peace shattered by a claiming darkness that seeks the demise of Elves and men alike.  An evil essence only one can control; one who has no history, one that has no memory, one who hides the truth behind lavender eyes...

A dark Elf known only as Silverwrath.

@world-of-vandor • 2 years ago

Hey Everyone,

I am extremely pleased to post that The Truth Behind Lavender, Volume 3 - The Forgotten Truth, is in the final stages of editing and cover layout. 

I know it has been far too long since Volume 2 - The Forgotten Kingdom was released.  I must thank all of you who have sent me notes of encouragement, and some notes of demand, to continue towards the completion of this series that I hold so dear.  Your patience and attention is appreciated!

Please stay tuned for a confirmed release date, which is expected to be October, 2016. 

Thank you, all for your support and interest. 

For now - I will leave you with the backcover - banner for this, my third book.

The Truth Behind Lavender, Volume 3

The Forgotten Truth


   The lands of Elf and Man now stand at the brink of open war.  The Dagger of Shal-Terran continues to warp the eyes of the Elves in its drive to break the world, gathering forces into an army none can resist.    

   In this third volume in The Truth Behind Lavender series, the ancient magic that binds Elven civilization in lies will be tested while the dark essence of Shal-Terran spreads its inky tendrils of evil across Vandor. 

   Returning from the wilds, a Vordain named Silverwrath, the adopted Prince of Benlor-Forrest, is desperate to reveal the truth of Elven past in hopes to stave the evil that has engulfed his brother and threatens the Kings of the forests.  As armies gather in secrecy, the small rabble of man and Elf will fight the darkness and themselves in hopes of saving their world from all out war.

   Beliefs will be crushed, kingdoms will be ripped asunder and Kings will die on the edge of blades as the heritage of the Elves is revealed by the Forgotten Truth. 



World of Vandor
World of Vandor