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World Of Vandor

About World Of Vandor

The Truth behind Lavender is a complex tale of conflicting identities and morals, wrought of ancient lies exposed by truth.  An intricate weave of hardship and survival, love and betrayal, it is a story of friendship between two races facing a torrent of devastation in an ultimate showdown between all that strives to be good and an obscene, ravenous evil. 

This saga is encompassed in four novels; Vol. 1 – The Forgotten Prince; Vol. 2 – The Forgotten Kingdom; Vol. 3 – The Forgotten Truth; and Vol. 4 – The Forgotten King.   

Welcome to the world of Vandor, a world of wild, tentative peace shattered by a claiming darkness that seeks the demise of Elves and men alike.  An evil essence only one can control; one who has no history, one that has no memory, one who hides the truth behind lavender eyes...

A dark Elf known only as Silverwrath.

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World of Vandor
World of Vandor