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Shrink Circus is a heavy-laden hard rock sound from the backwoods of the Santa Cruz mountains of Northern California. We're a steady, hard-ass, no-frills or fancy-pants rock band with little time for stereo-types or cookie-cutter formulas.

Using steady riffs, poignant lyrics, ripping solos and tasty melodies, this band is hard to categorize. We've been on the grind stone, playing live for a long time and safe to say, will continue killing it for a long time to come.

All of the members of Shrink are veteran bay area rockers, having played in many well-known underground bands through the years.

With one CD out, and another being written, Shrink is going to make their concert debut on Saturday, March 15, in a Presents: Benefit Concert for Neighbors Against Irresponsible Logging (NAIL).

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Drumz...we have DRUMZ

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Thursday, February, Tray, and Stokes...Kickass....Stokes laid down some seriously kick-ass drum tracks...we started out with a click track, got some good takes down, then, for the helluvit we recorded freeform....the feeling was way better, and when we compared his meter to the click-track recordings, it was almost DEAD ON.

Tray laid down rythmn tracks for "Carnivorous" afterward, but it got too late to work on "Monday"  We used an SM-57 close-mic on his Marshall, and a small diaphragm condensor back in the room for ambient, going through a tube mic-preamp. Sounds FAT (with a capital PH)

Can't wait to record the guitar parts...but bass is next.

222, EP

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