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Shrink Circus is a heavy-laden hard rock sound from the backwoods of the Santa Cruz mountains of Northern California. We're a steady, hard-ass, no-frills or fancy-pants rock band with little time for stereo-types or cookie-cutter formulas.

Using steady riffs, poignant lyrics, ripping solos and tasty melodies, this band is hard to categorize. We've been on the grind stone, playing live for a long time and safe to say, will continue killing it for a long time to come.

All of the members of Shrink are veteran bay area rockers, having played in many well-known underground bands through the years.

With one CD out, and another being written, Shrink is going to make their concert debut on Saturday, March 15, in a Presents: Benefit Concert for Neighbors Against Irresponsible Logging (NAIL).

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Bass Trax in the bag...

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Tuesday, February, Tom, Justin, Tray....Tom laid down thunderous bass tracks for both of the new songs...I love this part...this is when you can start hearing the song take shape.

We mic'd Tom's rig with an AKG D112 through a vacuum tube always, i tracked without any eq or compression, but add them in the mix.

222, EP

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