Michala Todd

About Michala Todd

The wait is finally over.

As 2009 makes its final quarter turn, one young thoroughbred artist has saved her best for last.  Michala Todd is in the business of endearing fans and followers to her music - while at the same time causing the casual observer to sit up and take notice.

Three brand new songs - two of which were co-written by the songstress herself - come to the surface, showcasing this outstanding artist in a way you’ve never heard before - until now!!

Michala proves once and for all that her God given vocal prowess at sweet sixteen is one of the many things that set her apart from her peers.  She powers into an appeal for honesty and humility in the driving “To Say I’m Sorry”, while emphatically putting her “relational foot down” in the compelling “House of Glass”.  And for all those lovers of the power ballad...Michala doesn’t disappoint with an inspiring, hopeful reflection of her current life in “In Between”.

Continuing to wow audiences of all ages around the country, Michala is poised to launch into the sonic stratosphere in the days that lie ahead.  As good as this girl is right now, one can only wonder how far the bar is going to move up, as she continues to write and record songs that have something to say...for anyone with ears to hear.

Written By:  Don Somerville


Kate Voegele, Demi Lovato