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"I listen to a lot of music... She can sing!"

George Stroumboulopoulos. THE HOUR –CBC

"The dark  whiskey voice of Katee Lee possesses you with her "powerhouse bass and vocals". There's no one else that sounds even close to her in music today ("and...this girl can sing" raves George Stroumboulopoulos). She slays with cadence as she slips easily through big chorus' and leaves fans screaming for more." - Keri Jade Ruddick

In my words:

I began singing at 8 and won various awards in my hometown at an early age. Between 10-13 I was involved alot with music theater and learned the importance of dramatic performance. I also appeared a several television commercials. I have been able to utilize my theatre history in my live performances.

At 13, I began playing bass guitar,(taught by brother Nick Lee (a prominent musician and teacher at Long and McQuade and Dennis Fox) and formed the high profile band DAME. (Later to become Moeraes Fate). Vocally trained by Haydain Neale  the late front man of jacksoul and the President for The Canadian Songwriters Association (he was also my songwriting teacher), I am currently working on a full length Cd.

Career Highlights to date:

• Music Video for Stay Sane directed by Toby Sax to be released July 2010  
• 2010 "No Son Of Mine" being used in full length feature film, The Long Weekend
• Opening for Styx and Glass Tiger on New Years Eve 2009/2010                 • Winning The 2009 Next Cutting Edge Band Of The Year                           • 2010 Featured on Entertainment Tonight Canada
• Composing ,recording, releasing &touring Moeraes Fates EP, "Making of the New Me"                                                                                          • Vocal coach, song-writing training, & first album produced by  Hayain Neale of jacksoul                                                                                             • 2008 Performing live on 102.1 The Strombo Show                                   • 2007  Introduced to the Nation by George Stroumboulopoulos  on CBC’s The Hour                                                                                               • 2008 Performing live on YTV                                                                  • 2008 Opening for Kim Mitchell                                                              • 2008 Featured on Entertainment Tonight Canada                                     • 2007 Opened for Canadian Idol Melissa O'Neil and Fefe Dobson

Awards won as Dame and Moeraes Fate

• 2010 Toronto Independent Music Awards semi-finalists MOERAES FATE
• 2009 Image FM Album of The Year MOERAES FATE
• KIAC Best of 2009 - 1st place Genre: Rock MOERAES FATE
• 2009 Durham Music Society Band Of The Year DAME
• 2009 YouDiscover Concert Series Band Of The Year DAME
• 2009 Ontario’s Next Cutting Edge Artist DAME
• 2009 Brampton Arts Acclaim Award DAME                                                 • 2009 Metalwork’s Recording Award DAME                                                • 2008 Toronto Independent Music Awards, Rock Band Of The Year             • 2008 Toronto Independent Music Awards, Song of the Year   DAME                       Tie -Cyclops and Intervention                                                       • 2008 Luminato/Lacombe Milles Femme  DAME                                        • 2008 In-Tune Magazine Editors Choice Awards DAME                               • 2006 Brampton's Band Of The Year DAME
• 2006 Brampton Performing Arts Showcase SOLO
• 2005 Brampton Performing Arts Best Junior Vocalist 

Our biggest show was in front of 30,000 screaming music fans and partiers on New Years Eve 2009/2010 in Niagara Falls, opening for Glass Tiger and Styx. The show was broadcast live across the country.

It was a sad day when Moeraes Fate announced that the band was not going to continue due to inavoidable family obligations. There was a huge outpouring of shock from our fans on the official Moeraes Fate MySpace and Facebook pages.

I continue to do session work, both on stage and in the studio, and am in development with a new exciting band!


Upcoming 2010 Release vocals, guitar, songwriter                                  Stay Sane     Relax                                                                                                                                       Hide Your Head in Shame                                                                                                       Walkaway                                                                                        Different Kind

Moeraes Fate - Making of the New Me (EP): lead vocals, bassist co-writer.                                                                                      Making Of The New Me                                                                            No Son Of Mine                                                                                      Chained To My Lace                                                                             Customers of Crime                                                                                2012                                                                                                  Man In The Mirror (lic cover of Michael Jacksons hit)

Dame-Intervention (EP) - produced by Haydain Neale, lead vocals, bassist, co-writer                                                                                                        Intervention                                                                                                                      Cyclops                                                                                                                               Overcome                                                                                                                                     Hey Angel                                                                              Amnesia        

Other songs unreleased: co-writer, lead vocals, bass     Sinners                                                                                             Bad Weather Friend


Musical influences:

In no particular order The Beatles, John Lennon, George Harrison, Pink Floyd, Chris Cornell, Annie Lennox, Jim Morrison, Linda Perry, Led Zeppelin, Tool, Haydain Neale, Tori Amos,  Porcupine Tree, Nick Lee, Steeley Dan, Rush, Muse, Stevie Wonder


Non music related hobbies: photography

Endorsement : Dean Markley Strings


Band History:  

Dame Nov 2005- Oct 2008 Moeraes Fate Nov 2008 -June 2010


In no particular order The Beatles, John Lennon, George Harrison, Pink Floyd, Chris Cornell, Annie Lennox, Jim Morrison, Linda Perry, Led Zeppelin, Tool, Haydain Neale, Tori Amos, Porcupine Tree, Nick Lee, Steeley Dan, Rush, Muse, Stevie Wonder



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