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We deliver original sound that pierces the mind and body, nothings left out, from our death vocals to our grinding drumbeats and guitar riffs that make you wanna head bang hard as a mother f****r. Even our style is unique, we offer custom guitar designs, custom album art, custom vinyl’s for either guitar or vehicle usage. We don’t compromise, that’s what makes us ready for a world of music that’s been done, ready for that mainstream influence, which we then smash, ridding the audience of a same-ish sound and replenishing their senses with much missed originality


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2010 Version Of Black Hole Earth Consumption

By FailuresConceptBand, 2010-07-05

Hey Guys,

We Finally Redid Or Song Black Hole Earth Consumption

We Have It up On Myspace

Check It Out,

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Failures Concept

By FailuresConceptBand, 2010-07-01

Hey Everyone FC here,

We Got Alot Of Music Done For Our Second Album,

We Are In The Process Of Tracking Vocals.

We Should Have Some New Songs Up On Our Myspace Soon

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By FailuresConceptBand, 2010-07-25

Hey Everyone,

Bad News, Our Beloved David Dowden Has Been Arrested For Charges Unknown At This Time,

So The Band In On Hiatus For A While,

Don't Know When We'll Back And Running,

But We've Got A Few Songs In The Making But  Won't Be Recorded Until Dave Has Been Released From Jail, Still Have No Idea When That Will Be

So Bare With Us




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