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The Truth Behind Lavender, Vol. 2 - The Forgotten Kingdom (book)

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In this second volume of The Truth Behind Lavender, Silverwrath, the adopted prince of Benlor-Forrest, battles to destroy the barriers of his amnesia while he endeavors to restrain the dark presence within the Dagger of Shal-Terran, but the evil essence is reaching out to a new host. Returning to a home he cannot remember, lost memories, and the dagger's incessant corruption, will drive him beyond the lands of Vandor and the ancient magic of the Binding. Beyond the realm of Man and Elf, the strands of survival will be tested and truths will be revealed that could very well break the fabric of Elvenkind. Long forgotten kingdoms will arise and old friends will race against the hourglass, desperate to stem the growing winds of war threatening to drive all of Vandor to the brink of total destruction.

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