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I play guitar and stuff.


The Truth Behind Lavender, Vol. 1 - The Forgotten Prince (book)

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A pall of darkness has surfaced. A coursing, malevolent evil is seeking to crush the world of Vandor under its controlling fist. Trapped within the cold steel of an ancient dagger, it has been brought to the surface by a midnight-skinned Elf who, is himself trapped within his own prison - within the cold walls of his amnesia. A feared, mythical race of Elf known as the Vordain, Silverwrath is lost within the world of man. In the company of thieves, he is desperately seeking his missing past, a past that is itself a veiled lie, while the dagger bides its time awaiting a proper host to consume. An unknowing soul through which it can unleash its seething hatred for all that is pure - or pretends to be.

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