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Godwin's Law is Suspended

By: EricHorton
Posted in: Civics
With Trump, Godwin's Law is suspended. He literally does display all of the historical earmarks of a fascist dictator. If there is a test for 'fascist dictator', or a scale, you can bet he scores near 100%. The time in which he is elected is a perfect mirror for 1930's Germany. Down economy, people scared for their way of life, uncertain times. He played the exact same cards Hitler did when he got elected: pray on people's fears, paint a bleak picture of doom and hopelessness, identify a perpetrator to blame, this time Mexicans and Muslims instead of Jews.

He has legitimized rape culture and empowered the public rise of the KKK. Combine all of this with the powers bestowed on the POTUS by NDAA of 2012 and the The Patriot Act, in the hands of a man as unstable as Trump, and I really am worried.

So, as far as I'm concerned, Godwin's Law is suspended, and for the first time in my lifetime, invoking Hitler is not crying wolf.
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