Eric Elric Horton

About Eric Elric Horton

A native Californian, I have lived in the Santa Cruz Mountains since birth. Ihas made a career using skills as an artist and designer, recording engineer, videographer, animator, programmer, photographer, and all around uber geek. My colleagues and peers know me as a multimedia wizard, and pretty decent guitarist!

My clients through the years have included national and international brands from Discovery Channel to The National Jockey's Guild. They stay with me year after year because I have become their one-stop-shop for everything from video to print design, branding and logo design. Because the relationships span so many years, I am intimately aware of the details and nuances of business, and can to deliver the right designs on time.

All of this is now being poured into DigNit. Every discipline of my twenty year career in multimedia is being brought to bare, and it shows in the thought and vision that is