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A bond was made, and  music was played, very loud and aggressively. The South Bay music scene was alive with diversity. Ded Neyber was born from the elements of thrash to melodic metal. They didn't care what people thought, and still don't. Their views on society, reflect in their hard-hitting music!.........Blood, Sweat and Bruises!...and never take SH%T from anybody.

(From Wikipedia) Ded Neyber was a seminal heavy metal band from San Jose, California in the mid 90’s. Their original style of music was both heavy and driving, but yet had a melodic and sometimes acoustic flair. The members of Ded Neyber were influenced by Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden,and San Francisco Bay Area brethrens Metallica, Testament, and Machine Head among others.

Ded Neyber was formed in 1992 and quickly gained a sizable following by playing with such acts as Korn, Deftones, Testament, Death Angel, and other metal bands of the time. In 1995, the band released their debut CD “Shades of Gray” on Earthtone Records. The initial CD tracks were recorded at Sonic Images Studio in San Jose but after being approached by Troy Luccketta, drummer for the band Tesla, Ded Neyber finished final tracks and mixdown at Troy’s TML studios in Hayward, California. Mastering was done by George Horn at Fantasy Studios in Berkeley, CA. After the release of “Shades of Gray”, Ded Neyber continued to tour in support of the CD and went on to record several EP’s and rough tracks for their second CD which would never be released. In 1998 the band finally called it quits and each member went on to pursue other interests.


Metallica-Danzig-Black Sabbath-Pantera-Beer- L.A. Glam-The NRA-Johnny Cash-U.F.O. N.W.O.B.H.M!!

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And what's up with that Kaiser Permanente Hospital commercial? I have cancer, cancer doesn't have me bullshit! Radiation never looked so sexy.


And what's the deal with the fuckin' Irish? Can't they get a job outside of the fire department?!?


Row boats? Who fuckin' owns a row boat? What is a row boat?


What ever happened to Puka shells? I liked Puka shells! Is the Puka no longer with us? What the fuck is a Puka anyway?


And what ever happened to the Ray Gun? Why do we not have Ray Guns? I want a Ray Gun dammit!


Orphanages, do they really exist? Have you or anyone you know ever met an orphan? "Hi I'm Bob,I'm a orphan." It never fuckin' happens!


And what's with this jerk off generation? These shit cocks think that everything in the world is their's for free. With the free downloading of music and stealing beer and hot dogs! The next time you buy a hot dog, punch a 20-something kid in the face.


And what happened to the van! Remember "if this vans a rockin' don't come a knockin"? Now it's all about shuttling kids and soccer shit!
How did the van go from a fuck machine to a kid friendly happy place?


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