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Dean Markley Strings, Inc is a company that manufactures musical instrument related products, primarily strings for acoustic and electric guitars, classical guitars and bass guitars. The company also produces, pick ups, amplifiers, and tuners, with instrument strings being their feature product. [1]


Before starting the company, Dean Markley was a music store owner. In 1972 he began selling string designs he came up with himself through experimentation. His first breakthrough into success was when he created the Voice Box effects pedal used by Peter Frampton in his smash hit "Show Me The Way". [2]

Blue Steel guitar strings

One of Dean Markley's recent notable innovations are the rigorously made, Blue Steel guitar and bass strings. The strings are cryogenically treated, meaning they are frozen with liquid nitrogen to minus 320 degrees Fahrenheit (77.4 Kelvin). Then they are returned to room temperature. Dean states, "This unique cryogenic treatment, which is used in a lot of other metal products, realigns the molecular structure of the string, giving it a longer life and more satisfying sound quality." [3]

Welcome to the Dean Markley App

By DeanMarkley, 2011-01-12

Dean Markley Amps


We are pleased and proud of all the press we’ve been getting lately for our UltraSound acoustic amps—not to mention the awards we’ve won for these outstanding amplifiers.

Dean Markley Electronics has been developing amplifiers for decades, starting in the 80s when we made some of the finest and most phenomenal amps ever, including those venerable tube amps with the Dean Markley Signature logo on the front. Our UltraSound Acoustic amps are a continuation and improvement of our originals.

In this web site, you’ll find the newly re-iussed all-tube CD-Series lead amps and the 3 exciting DM-Series lead amps. We also include those amps in the press lately that give you that breathtakingly pure acoustic sound—the Dean Markley UltraSound line of Acoustic Amps.

Some of our guests will include Chris Jericho and Rich Ward (Fozzy), George Lynch, Dick and Jimmy Dale, Jerry Only (The Misfits), Michael Anthony (Chickenfoot), Nick Catanese (BLS), Craig Chaquico, Nuno Bettencourt, Ace Frehley, Atreyu, TM Stevens, Souldogs featuring Bobby Carradine and Mike Inez (Alice in Chains), Suicidal Tendencies, Nikki Sixx, Blasko (Ozzy), Raphael Moreira, Korn and many more!

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