By: EricHorton Posted in: Opinion  published02/02/17 01:15:00PM 

Shame on you @ABCNews

The only video to be allowed out of Dakota Access Pipeline protests are the ones provided by the government.  The video biased toward the corporations and the state.  These videos only show how kind and careful the security details and police are acting toward "rogue protesters".  Why don't they release the videos of people being shot in the back with rubber bullets? Why don't you play the audio of DAPL security personnel broadcasting on the water protectors' shortwave radio bands with taunts such as ”come out and fight like men you faggots or we will come to Camp and fuck your women"?


As if to show that you are covering the atrocities happening in the name of our for-profit government, you insult us with state-supplied video.  Congratulations, @ABCNews - you are now part of the propaganda arm of the the state.

You must be extremely proud.