Community Uniting - updated

By: EricHorton Posted in: Lakeside Community  published03/07/16 12:00:00AM 

What an incredible night with the Lakeside Community Foundation.  The discussions and ideas being thrown out by this group of dedicated people really made me proud to be part of this board.

One thing that was apparent during...

Storm on the Mountain

By: EricHorton Posted in: Life in the Mountains  published03/07/16 08:45:00PM 

 El Niño finally showed up this weekend!  Within...

Community Divided

By: EricHorton Posted in: Lakeside Community  published03/04/16 12:00:00AM 

Our school is facing an existential crisis.  

Lakeside will be gone in 2 years if we don't pass a parcel tax in our area.  Parents are understandably upset that their children might not be able to go to CT English for Middle...

Community in distress

By: EricHorton Posted in: Lakeside Community  published11/11/15 03:30:00PM 

I just read the agenda for tomorrow night's Board of Trustees meeting again.  I needed to make sure that I read it correctly.  It is with a profound sadness that I realize that I did, in fact, read it correctly.  Three possible lawsuits....

Open Letter to the Lakeside Elementary School Board

By: EricHorton Posted in: Lakeside Community  published08/17/15 12:00:00AM 

Open letter to the Lakeside Community - This is my letter from a closed/private Facebook page.

In support of the teachers and faculty of Lakeside -

Now that I have context to the special board meeting last week, I...

We are Horton

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The Trouble Makers

By: JRNightProwlers Posted in:   published04/29/15 05:00:00PM 

Jim Ripper & the Night Prowlers is the premier Dance-floor Boogie, Blues and Swing band in the San Jose Bay Area of California.

Welcome to the Guided Tour!

By: teri.westra Posted in:   published04/02/12 05:00:00PM 

The members of Guided Tour are committed to taking the journey towards oneness. Our prayer is for a sustainable life style that will leave all of us with clean air, water, and food along with a working vision of peace for the next seven...


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Hey Hey, If your reading this, thank you for taking the time to check us out. We are really excited to release our first album with members of the former band FRICTION.  We are looking forward to a kick **** 2012 and cant wait to see...

Steve Brooke

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